How Sahm Adrangi Manages His Hedge Fund

Sahm Adrangi is a trader on Wall Street. He is the owner of Kerrisdale Capital Management and as the firm’s chief investment officer he manages its hedge fund. Before founding Kerrisdale he worked in the industry as an analyst for five years. He had experience with distressed debt, bankruptcy restructuring, and leveraged finance. He has an economics degree that he earned at Yale University.

At Kerrisdale, Sahm Adrangi researches companies in various sectors of the economy. When he spots a company that he feels is overpriced he short’s the company’s stock. When he sees a company that is undervalued he then goes long on their stock. Either way, once he has either shorted or gone long on a stock he then publishes his research about the firm so that other investors know his position and he can persuade them to see things his way with his details.

The events of 2011 at Kerrisdale are what initially brought a lot of attention in the industry to Sahm Adrangi. He spotted a bunch of fraudulent Chinese companies that were trading on American trading floors. One of these, for example, was a firm that purported to be a school but didn’t actually have any students or classrooms. He shorted all of these companies stocks and after he published his research their stock tanked. It also brought the attention of the SEC to these companies and they ended up being delisted from trading in the United States.

Another big score that Sahm Adrangi had was in 2014 in the telecommunications industry. He shorted Globalstar and then held a live presentation where he presented his facts about this company. He showed that their satellite spectrum was unusable because it was right next to Wi-Fie and cellular bands that were in heavy use. The FCC ended up investigating this based on his findings. Globalstar’s stock also dramatically dropped on this news.

Currently, Sahm Adrangi is making the case against a number of biotech companies such as Bavarian Nordic and Prothena. The said that neither companies prominent drug under development showed any chance of passing their respective studies.

NSC Leads In Business

National Steel Car is the thriving Canadian rail company that has been led by Chief Executive Officer Gregory James Aziz. Gregory James Aziz has been in such high demand that he has served as the Chairman of the Board for National Steel Car as well as the chairman for National Industries.


Greg James Aziz was born in Hamilton, Ontario. This not only was his home as a child, but it is also the home of National Steel Car today.


Greg Aziz went to Western University to gain a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. He has taken those lessons from University and used them to build National Steel Car into the juggernaut it is today.


Greg Aziz has used wise leadership principles to take National Steel Car into the next century of business. By that, I mean that National Steel Car has been in business for over 100 years. Gregory James Aziz was able to do this because of several implementations.


When Gregory James Aziz arrived at National Steel Car, he noticed that they were resting on their past victories. He began instilling a vision throughout the company that they must innovate and push the envelope. Aziz main slogan was “we must always raise the bar.”


Because Greg James Aziz pushed to have National Steel Car operate more efficiently, their business practices became unparalleled in the rail industry. This journey to find excellence made National Steel Car the primary choice for railway transport in both Canada and the United States of America.


When National Steel Car celebrated its 100th birthday, Gregory James Aziz took to the podium and spent time showering different people with gratitude for all that they have done for his company. He began by thanking the millions of customers that had used National Steel Car over the years. He honored the suppliers who kept their prices low so that National Steel Car could turn a profit. He thanked his 2000-member workforce for their dedication to a vision of excellence. He gave awards to executives who stood beside him as National Steel Car became great. Read This Article for additional information.

Gregory James Aziz would become known not only for his passion for National Steel Car but also his passion for the environment. He led the way in environmental regulations being implemented which allowed the railway sector to reduce carbon emissions by 90% across-the-board. Gregory James Aziz will go down as a legend in business. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.


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The Client-centricity Business Model of Gregory Aziz Helps National Steel Car to Win More Contracts

The client-centric business model has helped companies in different sectors greatly and rewarded with significant sales numbers. Combined with consistency in service delivery, it has the power to change the business acumen of a company. While coming to National Steel Car, the leading player in the in North American freight car sector, the case is no different. Its Chairman, Gregory Aziz, added the factor of client-centricity into its genes almost two decades back, and that produced excellent results for the firm during these years. The railcar maker is the biggest player in the region and the leader in innovation. Many companies buy their rail cars including among others Dow Chemicals, Waste Management, Inc., Canadian Pacific Railway, CSX, and Union Pacific.



Due to that reason, the firm receives significantly large contracts from its existing large industrial customer base as well as new customers in various industries. This became evident when Canpotex chose National Steel Car as their specialized railcar maker which is designed to carry Saskatchewan potash to the ports located in the coastal regions of Canada. The order volume is found to be of 700 new railcars, and the contract will fetch more than $70 million to the railcar maker. Since Gregory James Aziz took over the firm, Canpotex spent more than $500 million at National Steel Car to make over 7,000 railcars.



Going along with its customer-centric business model, National Steel Car produced custom-designed railcars for Canpotex considering the characteristic properties of potash. It is disclosed that the innovative design followed by the railcar maker helped Canpotex to transport optimized tonnage of potash per railcar. The railcars of National Steel Car helped Canpotex to improve the train efficiencies by 90% and significantly reduced the rate of greenhouse gas emissions by ensuring better environmental footprint for the sector as well as the region. The innovation and quality efforts of James Aziz significantly helped the railcar maker to design tailored product solutions to the customers.



While confirming the new deal, Greg Aziz said that the railcar maker has more than two decades of strong relationship with Canpotex. He also added that the company is highly delighted with the trust Canpotex put upon it. Aziz continued that the new contract is valued to add seven months of jobs for approximately 400 employees of the firm. He also expects significant additional benefits to the Ontario province, where the company and its production plant is located. Aziz has expertise in basking success in a number of industries in his more than four decades of career, including investment banking, food industry, and the railcar industry. Go Here to learn more.


Adam Milstein Article

Adam Milstein is an extremely successful real estate investor, as well as a self-described humanitarian. Milstein’s professional life has been one lined with success and positivity, facts that he wears on his sleeve. A role model and community leader for Jewish youth as well, Milstein’s efforts have created a ripple of positivity throughout his community.

Born in Israel, Milstein’s heritage is close to his heart, despite being a patriot and proponent of the American Dream. Having served in the IDF during the Yom Kippur War, Milstein carried out an extensive service in Isreal’s armed forces. While the experience was difficult and harrowing, Milstein persevered and came out better for it. With his newfound constitution, forged through hardship and determination, Milstein dedicated himself to cultivating personal success. Milstein devoted himself to pursuing higher education in the United States and was rewarded handsomely for his efforts. Having received an MBA in real estate investment from USC, Milstein’s venture into higher education elevated his professional career to new heights. Milstein’s career in commercial real estate yielded huge results. Frequently cited as one of the most notable professionals in the Southern California area, Milstein’s real estate career as an enormous feather in his cap. Having found success in what may be the most competitive area in the country, Milstein proved his determination and skill in difficult positions, and

In recent years, Milstein has turned his sights onto more humanitarian efforts. Having created his philanthropic venture in the form of the Gila and Adam Milstein Family Foundation, Milstein has made some huge strides. The foundation is dedicated to educating the American youth on the struggles of the Israeli people, with the hope of cultivating a more accepting and empathetic environment for future generations. Additionally, Adam Milstein has also had a large part in assisting other like-minded humanitarian organizations. Having served as the chairman of the board for the Israeli American Council, Milstein’s reach as a philanthropist far. In conclusion, Adam Milstein’s professional career has been one that has created a more positive world for the Israeli-American people, and learn more about Adam Milstein.




Madison Street Capital Wins Big at M&A Advisor Awards

On November 13, 2017, the M&A Advisor declared Madison Street Capital as one of the many winners of the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards, held this year at the Metropolitan Club in New York, New York. Learn more about Madison Street Capital:

Madison Street Capital took home the top honor in the Debt Financing Deal of the Year category for their role in guiding WLR Automotive throughout a large transaction this year. Receiving the award on behalf of Madison Street was Charles Botchway, CEO of the company.

Expressing his gratitude to WLR Automotive for selecting Madison Street to advise them, Botchway congratulated WLR Automotive as well as the lead on the transaction, Senior Managing Director Barry Peterson.

Madison Street Capital also received nominations in two other categories this year, both in the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year category and the Financials Deal of the Year category for companies netting under $250MM.

The M&A Advisor Awards are the most prominent event of the year for the financial industry’s leading companies and was held this year in conjunction with the 2017 M&A Advisor Summit. The 2017 awards mark the event’s 16th year of celebrations.

Madison Street Capital, founded in 2005, is an international investment banking firm that supplies clients with a wide selection of financial services including M&A advisory services, valuation services, and financial advisory services. Learn more about Madison Street Capital:

They pride themselves on treating each client distinctively, providing guidance and solutions to each client’s unique circumstances.

Madison Capital has locations across North America as well as in Africa and Asia, and are known to place a large focus on emerging markets, as they believe them to be the fundamental component driving the comprehensive progress of their clients.

They have a rich history and are well known for their integrity, dependability and exceptional reputation in the field.

Regardless Of Gender Desiree Perez Is A Top Entertainment Executive

Calling Desiree Perez a top female entertainment executive is undermining the impressive work the COO of RocNation has done for more than two decades with rapper Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. Desiree Perez should simply be referred to as a top entertainment executive who has taken RocNation from a startup record label to one of the world’s fastest-growing all-around entertainment organizations; regardless of gender, there are few executives who have had as positive an impact on a single business empire as Perez has on that of Jay-Z and RocNation.

The executive structure of RocNation and the SC Enterprises empire built by Jay-Z is one of the most innovative as each executive has a specific role but is free to work under their own initiative for the good of the company. Although she is classed as the Chief Operating Officer of RocNation, Perez is known as one of the most influential talent spotters and supporters of individual artists she hopes to lead to success in the future, and her Linkedin.

Over the course of the more than two decades, the SC Enterprises empire has been being built the small group of executives who have remained in power across the life of the business has become known as the “Hova Circle of Influence”. Desiree Perez has been entrusted with much of the business side of the running of RocNation since she was brought into the organization from the SC Enterprises empire in 2009 and given the responsibility of building business partnerships which can enhance the brand as it grew across its first decade in operation.

Desiree Perez was also responsible for developing the next era in the RocNation story after she headed up negotiations to extend the Live Nation deal for a further ten years at a cost to the live events group of a reported $200 million, and learn more about Desiree Perez.

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Jeremy Goldstein: Knockouts Option

Jeremy Goldstein is a business lawyer who gives advice to companies concerning employee benefits and more. Goldstein is highly valuable as he has over 15 years of experience in the legal industry and even established his own independent law firm in New York. He is no doubt a problem solver and has offered an alternative to stock options for employers and employees struggling with the issue.


Large corporations have creased on the stock option for creating unnecessary burdens. However, the stock option has proved to be useful throughout history. It has given the employees motivation to work harder for the company’s success. Jeremey Goldstein explains that there is a solution to this problem.


Goldstein offers the knockout option, which is quite similar to stock options, with the difference that if the stock price falls below a certain limit, employees lose the share. This ultimately causes employers and employees to worry less and strive for the company’s success, as before, they constantly had to execute based on the fall of the stock price.


Although the knockouts option does not solve all the issues concerning employee benefits, it does minimize several obstacles. To fully execute this strategy, companies will have to communicate with their auditors about the possible results of such as a procedure to their specific company. Moreover, businesses can only benefit if they choose to wait five to eight months before fully implementing the system, otherwise, there could be negative implications.


The knockout option is only one of Jeremy Goldstein’s several solutions to employee benefits. It is difficult not to trust a man who was involved with transactions in large corporations such as Verizon, Chevron, Duke Energy, Bank One, Merck, and more. For any company seeking to become better, Jeremy Goldstein is the number one option to create that path. Learn more:

Get Gorgeous Athleisure Outfits by Fabletics Online Via Amazon

The refreshing Fabletics line of gorgeous athletic and leisure wear for women is now able to be bought through a mega online shopping site called Amazon. The strategy move has benefited this fashion company by reaching out to many previously hard to access women online clothing shoppers. The award winning fashion products available from Fabletics are always crafted from higher quality materials. This attention to those little clothing details has put the Fabletics brand on the huge map that Amazon customers consist of. Fabletics now designs athleisure wear for women in all sizes, income brackets. figure shape and individual activity levels and preferences.


There are quite a few reasons why Fabletics is becoming ever more popular with women wanting top-of-the-line clothing that is affordable for their budgets. This fashion giant utilizes a brilliant and highly innovative newer reverse showroom strategy. All of Fabletics customers can access this store brand’s convenient website feature called the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz. This option asks questions about every customer’s truly unique shopping preferences for clothing. It can also aid customers in finding their ideal clothing size and favorable styles suited for personality and lifestyle activities.


All of this massive amount of customer specific data gets saved on a computerized Fabletic’s exclusive shopping online platform. All Fabletic’s purchases are additionally added to the information center. Then, a highly sensitive computer marketing program is able to suggest clothing for these customers totally fitting each person’s unique clothing tastes including appropriate size and fit details. Personalized color categories that suit each women’s coloring and preferences are featured. This stunningly accurate reverse showroom concept allows rapid-fire change opportunities when other fashion retailers are stuck with unsold stock and less overall sales profits. Fabletics teaming up with Amazon is an incredible sharp business move that has already seen massive sales boosts for the popular brand.


Many relate Fabletics with the beautiful actress Kate Hudson. Kate can be called the current face that ordinary shoppers recognize. She has a hand in all of the many processes that end up as this company’s retail inventory. Customers seem to trust in the clothing judgement of this much loved celebrity. Kate has even been particularly instrumental in this fashion businesses’ recent addition of fabulous active wear clothing specially designed to fit plus-sized ladies comfortably and perfectly. It is safe to say that Kate Hudson and Fabletics are changing fashion marketing strategies to great applause.

Sussex Healthcare: Helping Patients Recover

Sussex Healthcare is one of the most trusted health care facilities in the United Kingdom. They are visited by thousands of patients annually who are seeking for treatment or faster recovery. The facility is located far away from the city center, and the actual location offers scenic views including mountains, forests, and water bodies.

Sussex Healthcare has been in the business for more than 25 years, and the company keeps on growing tremendously over the years because of the positive reviews about their treatment and their services. People from around the world even visit their clinic because of their reputation in providing rehabilitation, treatment and care for those who need it the most. Today, Sussex Healthcare provides care and treatment for the elderly, and for those who are suffering brain injuries, dementia, and other disabilities.


Aging people who would like to live comfortably after retirement are seeing Sussex Healthcare as a place that they can call home. The facility is dedicated in serving the elderly, with facilities that the older people can enjoy. They have professional nurses who are taking care of the elder residents, and they are checking their condition 24/7 just to make sure that there are no issues with their health. The nurses are also giving them their supplements and other medical needs. The elderly can also enjoy a variety of activities available inside the facility that will make them occupied throughout their stay. The elderly also enjoy therapies that are being given to them to give them relaxation, including reflexology and physiotherapy. The facility is also providing its elderly residents with sumptuous meals prepared by top chefs. Living inside Sussex Healthcare can be compared to a holiday, according to one of the residents.

The facility is also providing care for those who have brain injuries, and the professional staffs working inside are treating the patients by the use of different methods and techniques, including several medications that they have to take and a lot of exercises that has to be performed for faster recovery. Linguists are also working inside the facility to make sure that those who have suffered brain injuries can speak clearly once again. For those who are suffering brain injuries, the spa is what the facility recommends because of its capability to fasten their rehabilitation. People with dementia and other disabilities, including mental and physical, are also visiting the Sussex Healthcare for treatment, and those who have tried the treatment from Sussex Healthcare are recommending their services.

Sahm Adrangi-32-Year Old Braving to Rule in the Fund Management Sector

For a 32-year old to have the attention of New York Magazine and CNBC finance editors owing to what he says regarding fund management, that alone is itself not a mean achievement. Sahm Adrangi, an up-and-coming fund management superstar, the CEO, and founder of Kerrisdale Capital, is now worth $250 million in assets, says the New York Magazine. Kevin Roose, of NY magazine, predicts that Adrangi will soon be as influential as Dan Loeb, a renowned hedge funder. Incidentally, Sahm Adrangi also started off in fund management while still quite young, and Adrang regards Dan Loeb as his role model.


Adrangi and a Commanding Presence on Twitter

The one thing that distinguishes Sahm Adrangi is his daily tweets offering authoritative opinions on financial issues. His stylish and brush way of approaching investment matters always causes fireworks. Unlike the fellow hedge-fund managers who operate secretly, Adrangi, loves to make himself known. He began Kerrisdale Capital in a very humble way.


I had only me and a computer at the beginning,’ he says.

Every month, Sahm would send an investment plan to between 30 and 40 people. A roommate who owned a blog helped to distribute the investment notes online. Adrangi researched on exchange stock ideas and got many ideas on SumZero, Value Investors Club, and Seeking Alpha, and Sahm Adrangi’s lacrosse camp.


U.S.-Listed Chinese Companies

In 2009, he made approximately 40 percent interest after betting on special-purpose acquisition firms warranties. However, the breakthrough for Sahm Adrangi occurred in 2010 while he was busy researching on Chinese companies listed in the United States that also participated in the American stock exchange, and contact him.

Sahm compared the filings of the Chinese firms in the United States and the information from a Chinese regulatory agency. He discovered fraudulent growth claims, dubious audit reports, and accounting irregularities. Adrangi shorted the Chinese companies, and the firm’s stock declined by 40 percent within two days. Adrangi got a 60 percent profit by finding more hoax Chinese entities, shorting the stock, compiling reports, starting an online campaign, and causing the stocks to fall. By 2012, Sahm Adrangi had several million dollars, and Kerrisdale Capital ranked among the American best-performing hedge funds, and