Music Life of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a currently a business executive managing business operation in his native country, Brazil. Before joining the business sector, Cassio Audi was actively involved in the music industry in the whole of 1980’s. This happened during his early life going into post-teenage life. During this period, Cassio Audi was part of a music band which he had participated in its formation. The music band was known as Viper Rock Band. Their area of specialization was in the rock music. Cassio Audi started as a drummer for the group before moving on to music composition. However, he still retained his role as the drummer, especially during live performances and more information click here.

Cassio Audio participated in the group alongside his friends and age mates, Andre, Pit, Yves and Felipe. Viper Rock Band was formed in 1985. They were emulating a successful music band in British known as Iron Maiden. Together they created one of the most vibrant and popular rock music band in the history of Brazil. The Viper Rock Band released their first demo album known as “The Killer Sword”. The demo album comprised a number of songs that included; Princes from Hell, Nightmare, and Killera. After the release of this album, they went to on a world tour to popularize their music work.

Viper Rock Band later released their first official album in 1987 which was called “ Soldiers of Sunrise”. Some of the songs in the demo album were redone and included on the official album. It is after the release of the second album that the group’s popularity was able to move beyond Brazil. The group became known all over the Latin America region and what Cassio Audi knows.

Cassio Audi did not stay long enough to see the group release their second album as he left the group. He went to the university to pursue a degree in finance.

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Oncotarget The Online News Provider

Oncotarget is a prominent online site where various news on oncology and medicine field which emerge weekly are edited, published and posted. The journal was founded back on 2010 by the online publisher Impact Journal. The publications on Oncotarget are widely credited, and therefore the majority of the people uses this journal to enrich themselves with knowledge on health issues. Oncotarget provides insights, previews, and information concerning the research conducted by professional researchers about cancer and other diseases with relation to age.

Oncotarget is ranked in the forefront for its unique publications and providing desirable remedies to health problems. The paper provides free accessibility to its weekly published content, and moreover, it is readily available on their site. The journal has proven to be helpful in ensuring scientific discoveries on health issues are accessible and reaches people appropriately its Twitter.

Oncotarget helps the patients with definitions of the terms in their prescriptions and various diseases. It demystifies medical terms and provides insights on the approach of treatment which sometimes becomes hard for patients under medication to comprehend. Oncotarget gives evidence supporting the advanced and pre-existing mode of therapy. They offer options to their readers on the various methods of treatment that have worked in different patients. The paper has proven to be secure and reputable by being dedicated to providing the health education to the general world.

Oncotarget has become rich in health knowledge with many publications which meet any desirable mind. It has expanded its boundaries in the publication by welcoming the world researchers to send articles from other disciplines. It has published articles on fields like pharmacology, Neuroscience, Cell Biology, Cardiology, Endocrinology and metabolism among others and read full article.

The journal has a devoted team of professional editors who keenly look at the work of the researchers and make sure it is in order before submitting for the publication process. The editorial team is headed by the chief editor Mikhail Blagosklonny and V. Gudkov. Oncotarget has earned popularity for its rich medical information that is helping in saving the world. The paper got recognition in 2015-2016 and was ranked the first amongst the oncology journals. Oncotarget is committed to making the people`s life disease free and learn more about Oncotarget.

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