NSC Leads In Business

National Steel Car is the thriving Canadian rail company that has been led by Chief Executive Officer Gregory James Aziz. Gregory James Aziz has been in such high demand that he has served as the Chairman of the Board for National Steel Car as well as the chairman for National Industries.


Greg James Aziz was born in Hamilton, Ontario. This not only was his home as a child, but it is also the home of National Steel Car today.


Greg Aziz went to Western University to gain a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. He has taken those lessons from University and used them to build National Steel Car into the juggernaut it is today.


Greg Aziz has used wise leadership principles to take National Steel Car into the next century of business. By that, I mean that National Steel Car has been in business for over 100 years. Gregory James Aziz was able to do this because of several implementations.


When Gregory James Aziz arrived at National Steel Car, he noticed that they were resting on their past victories. He began instilling a vision throughout the company that they must innovate and push the envelope. Aziz main slogan was “we must always raise the bar.”


Because Greg James Aziz pushed to have National Steel Car operate more efficiently, their business practices became unparalleled in the rail industry. This journey to find excellence made National Steel Car the primary choice for railway transport in both Canada and the United States of America.


When National Steel Car celebrated its 100th birthday, Gregory James Aziz took to the podium and spent time showering different people with gratitude for all that they have done for his company. He began by thanking the millions of customers that had used National Steel Car over the years. He honored the suppliers who kept their prices low so that National Steel Car could turn a profit. He thanked his 2000-member workforce for their dedication to a vision of excellence. He gave awards to executives who stood beside him as National Steel Car became great. Read This Article for additional information.

Gregory James Aziz would become known not only for his passion for National Steel Car but also his passion for the environment. He led the way in environmental regulations being implemented which allowed the railway sector to reduce carbon emissions by 90% across-the-board. Gregory James Aziz will go down as a legend in business. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.


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The Client-centricity Business Model of Gregory Aziz Helps National Steel Car to Win More Contracts

The client-centric business model has helped companies in different sectors greatly and rewarded with significant sales numbers. Combined with consistency in service delivery, it has the power to change the business acumen of a company. While coming to National Steel Car, the leading player in the in North American freight car sector, the case is no different. Its Chairman, Gregory Aziz, added the factor of client-centricity into its genes almost two decades back, and that produced excellent results for the firm during these years. The railcar maker is the biggest player in the region and the leader in innovation. Many companies buy their rail cars including among others Dow Chemicals, Waste Management, Inc., Canadian Pacific Railway, CSX, and Union Pacific.



Due to that reason, the firm receives significantly large contracts from its existing large industrial customer base as well as new customers in various industries. This became evident when Canpotex chose National Steel Car as their specialized railcar maker which is designed to carry Saskatchewan potash to the ports located in the coastal regions of Canada. The order volume is found to be of 700 new railcars, and the contract will fetch more than $70 million to the railcar maker. Since Gregory James Aziz took over the firm, Canpotex spent more than $500 million at National Steel Car to make over 7,000 railcars.



Going along with its customer-centric business model, National Steel Car produced custom-designed railcars for Canpotex considering the characteristic properties of potash. It is disclosed that the innovative design followed by the railcar maker helped Canpotex to transport optimized tonnage of potash per railcar. The railcars of National Steel Car helped Canpotex to improve the train efficiencies by 90% and significantly reduced the rate of greenhouse gas emissions by ensuring better environmental footprint for the sector as well as the region. The innovation and quality efforts of James Aziz significantly helped the railcar maker to design tailored product solutions to the customers.



While confirming the new deal, Greg Aziz said that the railcar maker has more than two decades of strong relationship with Canpotex. He also added that the company is highly delighted with the trust Canpotex put upon it. Aziz continued that the new contract is valued to add seven months of jobs for approximately 400 employees of the firm. He also expects significant additional benefits to the Ontario province, where the company and its production plant is located. Aziz has expertise in basking success in a number of industries in his more than four decades of career, including investment banking, food industry, and the railcar industry. Go Here to learn more.

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