How Securus Technologies Helps Officers in the Field

When me and my fellow officers are hunting for a suspect, we have to rely on things like tips from informants and help from family or friends to collect leads. We had a very troubling case we were working on, as this suspect was holding up armored cars and had injured the last two officers he robbed. The biggest problem we had was he left zero clues and was still robbing the trucks monthly.


My team was concerned that he would escalate the violence if one of the officers was not cooperative or the truck did not have enough cash. The concerns we had were we could not get any leads on the suspect as no one was talking. There had to be someone else involved because the complexity of the crimes and the escapes were to orchestrated for one person. Three months passed without an incident, so I decided to go to our local jail to see if I could find our suspect.


I assumed he may have been arrested for another crime, which explained why no robberies this year. Securus Technologies had just installed a new inmate call monitoring system and I was excited to learn how to use it. I know Rich Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, and all his thousand employees are all committed to making the world safer, so it was time to see the system in action.


On the 2nd day of monitoring the LBS software, we picked up chatter from an inmate talking about getting back with his associate because he needed cash. The monitoring system was able to show us this was the partner of our suspect, and with him in jail, the robberies had to stop until he was released. We decided to let him go early, monitoring his activity, and he lead us right to our suspect.