Learn From Fabletics About the Power of the Crowd

Fabletics is bursting with new customers and a never ending growth rate. The marketing manager of Fabletics says that a lot of that has to do with their understanding of the power of the crowd. The power of the crowd is very important these days in business. People look for online reviews all the time. In order to get more sales, you should have positive online reviews like Fabletics does. Most people say that they would trust an online review roa bunch of online reviews as much as a recommendation from a good friend or someone else they know. In addition, more than half of customers say that they regularly look at online reviews before buying anything. This means that before someone is thinking of buying your product, they will likely look online for a review. If they see that lots of people are giving it good reviews, they are more likely to buy it. In addition, it gives you a more loyal customer base. This is because people trust you more. The social power of online reviews is that even existing customers will likely trust you more.


In fact, more than three quarters of brands who took part in a survey said that they use the power of online reviews and the power of the crowd. In today’s world, there really is no other way. You might not think it is necessary, but when you think what happens when a potential customers decides to look you up online, you realize that if you do not have good reviews, you will not look good in such a situation. That is why Fabletics grows at such an outstanding rate.


Positive reviews even help improve your search engine rankings. The fact is that Google loves positive review. The fact also is that Google looks at metrics to determine someone’s popularity. If they see that a company has a lot of positive reviews, they realise that the company is the right choice of what to bring up in the search results. That is why Fabletics always ranks high.


That is why Fabletics is so successful. And the truth is, it is that way because of Kate Hudson. The famous actress has endorsed Fabletics and brought it to what it is.