Regardless Of Gender Desiree Perez Is A Top Entertainment Executive

Calling Desiree Perez a top female entertainment executive is undermining the impressive work the COO of RocNation has done for more than two decades with rapper Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. Desiree Perez should simply be referred to as a top entertainment executive who has taken RocNation from a startup record label to one of the world’s fastest-growing all-around entertainment organizations; regardless of gender, there are few executives who have had as positive an impact on a single business empire as Perez has on that of Jay-Z and RocNation.

The executive structure of RocNation and the SC Enterprises empire built by Jay-Z is one of the most innovative as each executive has a specific role but is free to work under their own initiative for the good of the company. Although she is classed as the Chief Operating Officer of RocNation, Perez is known as one of the most influential talent spotters and supporters of individual artists she hopes to lead to success in the future, and her Linkedin.

Over the course of the more than two decades, the SC Enterprises empire has been being built the small group of executives who have remained in power across the life of the business has become known as the “Hova Circle of Influence”. Desiree Perez has been entrusted with much of the business side of the running of RocNation since she was brought into the organization from the SC Enterprises empire in 2009 and given the responsibility of building business partnerships which can enhance the brand as it grew across its first decade in operation.

Desiree Perez was also responsible for developing the next era in the RocNation story after she headed up negotiations to extend the Live Nation deal for a further ten years at a cost to the live events group of a reported $200 million, and learn more about Desiree Perez.

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